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For COD (Cash On Delivery) we now have speed points or clients with cash in hand please give driver the money before trip.


For those who want eft or direct deposit to our account here are account details

Bank Name: First National Bank
Account Holder: Avatareign (Pty) Ltd.
Account type: Cheque Account
Account Number: 62698242444
Branch Code: 260 231

Pay To Cell: 074 424 1019

For INSTANT EFT use our payfast bank details:

Bank: FNB
Account type: Cheque/Transmission
Branch Code: 250655
Account Number: 62698242444

Class Rate Variance Base Fare Cancellation Fee Minimum Charge Rate Per Kilometre Rate per Minute Model
Base Action 02% R3.00 R15.00 R10.00 R5.00 R0.50 Sedan/ HatchBack
C1 – Casual 05% R4.55 R25.00 R18.00 R6.85 R0.65 HatchBack
C1 – Exclusive 05% R5.00 R25.00 R20.00 R7.20 R0.70 Sedan
C1-Large 05% R6.00 R35.00 R40.00 R7.50 R0.80 SUV
C2A – Gold 07% R13.80 R30.00 R35.00 R7.45 R0.70 Hatchback
C2C – Gold 07% R13.80 R37.00 R43.00 R7.90 R0.95 SUV
C3A – Blue-Black 08% R14.80 R70.00 R50.00 R12.80 R1.25
C3B – Blue-Black 08% R15.00 R70.00 R50.00 R13.80 R1.25
C4A-Platinum Rise 09% R20.00 R90.00 R70.00 R15.00 R1.50
C4B – Platinum Rise 09% R22.00 R100.00 R75.00 R16.00 R1.60
C5A – Platinum Panther 10% R38.00 R180.00 R130.00 R28.00 R2.80
C5B – Platinum Panther 10% R40.00 R200.00 R150.00 R30.00 R3.00
C5 Platinum Black 10% R100 R400 R300 R60.00 R6.00
Vintage League 10% R100 R400 R300 R60.00 R6.00
Kombi X-Class 10% R12.00 R70.00 R80.00 R15.00 R1.60
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