e-Drinks offers consumers services of privilege of buying beverages from their preferred stockists and get them delivered within 1 hour! Simply purchase herein by selecting your beverages and snacks and expect delivery within minutes, wherever you are or to wherever you desire they be delivered. Order Now.


No need to stand by the road or book expensive shuttles. From this very website, simply order a cab or shuttle service and get picked up from wherever you are and be cruised to wherever you desire to be, on time or of even, book it that it picks up anyone you so wish from wherever they might be to wherever they ought to be. A very affordable point to point service, peer- to-peer, ride-share or just to be by yourself. Choose the class of vehicles you desire and let your freedom of affordability treat you in style and privilege. There are rides, cabs and shuttles from basic vehicles to those of luxury, depending on your occasion and taste. This service is made to accommodate everyone! Book/Order Now.


A commercial, residential, retail and industrial cleaning and environmental services wing. We cater for once off or term services, all packages tailored at client’s specifications. Book Now


For the very furniture or movable property removals to any destination, of any size or matter, on your specific date, we are at your service! In fact, move anything to anywhere and best of all, do it in seconds within our website. Book Now


In addition to our four products, we are give you our full pack insurance, from household to industrial, from person to property, including public liability. With this, we give you legal and funeral covers too. Policies too good to ignore. Our underwritten funeral cover known as CBS (Community Burial Society) is the best you can find. With this, it will be hard to ignore our eLegal. Get A Insurance Quote/ Submit forms.

Dream Ice

Our offering services in Hair do, hair extensions, dreads, manicure, pedicure, massage, beauty therapy and makeup at the comfort of your home! By this we bring the Salon and it services at your home and within your relaxed comfort by professional specialists armed with confidentiality and ripe attitude. Book a Day

Avataria Films

Showcasing of films at schools, halls etc by staging mini cinemas. Book a Sesssion

Avataria Motor works (AMW)

Avataria Motor Works (AMW) is the fastest link between seller and buyer of any vehicle of any value. We'll sell or buy your car so fast it'll seem natural! AMW also manufactures and sells Trailers, Mobile VIP Toilets, Mobile Kitchens and Mobile Cold Rooms. Sell/Buy a Vehicle


Bodyguards.Bluhcomms.Com is a specialised high quality guarding department of KD—CPPU (King Diamond—Community Patrols & Protection Unit), a security wing of Avatareign (Pty) Ltd . Bodyguards.Bluhcomms.Com is a militant, ad-hoc unit of high profile operatives, produced under extreme physical training, military expertise as well as tactical security advances. Bodyguards.Bluhcomms.Com serves a rage of clientele through quick and simplified means of procurement, yet, with unmatched class of close contact and, exceptional physical protection. In this, ensuring adequate security! Book/Order Service


Our recording studios cater for a variety of recording services. To mention the least, our studios offers recordings on jingles for adverts, music and a whole lot more. We provide mastering, production and music arranging services. Nay, we offer music sale and promotional platform through Cosmowave. Book a Session


This romantic wave caters an opportunity or clients to surprise their loved ones with engagement stunts and can be taken advantage of by secret admirers as well. All necessary security and moral protocols are adhered-to to ensure sufficient security and safety of all participants. The service is not limited to lovers abut friends and the ordinary could use it to appease, bless and surprise each other. Book A Day


Dial and book/ order our chef for service whether it’s at the comfort of your home, office or just about anywhere you wanna be served by a professional Chef. Book/Call a Chef Now.


Building plans and a variety of architectural services on offer including all sorts of construction services. READ MORE

Dr Sipho P. Malapane Domain

This Household department offers services in motivational, counselling, coaching, mentoring, book writing and general writing services by Dr Sipho P. Malapane or his personally elected professionals in various Key Note services and various forms setups for any subject. Book a Day

e-Business Consultants

For every business concern you might have from incorporation, business planning , marketing, strategy, policy formulations, restructuring, assistance with relevant registrations and compliances as well as NGO/ FBO/ NPO etc, we are well equipped for it all. We have filing and book keeping services available for all you needs including tax assistance, auditing and financial assistances. Order Service/ Book a Appointment.


For whatever venue of whatever size in whatever place for whatever occasion, get us and will get it for you! Order Service/ Book a Appointment.


Another service of privilege and royalty, you are offered the dignity and class of ordering your groceries from the comfort of your home or office or wherever you are, on the road or vacation, and get them delivered within 24 hours to a destination of your choice, right here on this website! Order Now.


Awhilst, catering services within fingertips. Simply choose the type and style of catering you desire, from décor, settings to foods and drinks and complete the whole quotation and deal in minutes over the web or app and we will come on time and setup. No hassles no loads of paperwork and no stress to worry if the cater will come on time. Another sub division of e-Caterers, in association with Diprass Entertainment is a spectacular service of offering clients the privilege of arranging surprise engagement events or stunts, surprise parties or baby showers. We will organise it all and even invite listed guests discreetly. We have video and audio recordings available for the events. READ MORE


Even better, hire our workforce to carry the coffin/casket, fill up the grave and clean up the yard after the funeral. We are there when everybody else prepares to leave. The clean-up service is also available for post birthday celebrations, weddings or any other form of gathering. Book Now


Invest from the base of our entry level and share in the 1% of profits of BluhComms services and products, monthly. Moreover, get Expert Traders trading for you on a daily basis from various stock markets, financial avenues and grabbing a variety of opportunities for you on a daily basis. The best of it, you get to withdraw your earnings or increase your investment at any given time. Invest Now.


For the sale of just about everything there is, from electronics, household appliances, furniture, computers and accessories, bags, tools household and industrial utilities to over hundreds of other items, we are there within the tips of your fingers, to deliver to your doorstep. Book/Order Now.

Diprass Entertainment

DIPRASS Entertainment is an entertainment and sports function of Avatareign (Pty) Ltd. This compounds a sports, fine arts, performing arts as well as photographic arts and; visual arts. DIPRASS, defined means Diamond Prunary Art And Sport School. The wing caters for the world social fibre of various art and sporting codes and develops new ones nay, manages artists and athletes. The wing also owns teams and administrates leagues and competitions. DIPRASS has an events promotion license and comprises of two stages, A developmental stage and performing stage. The wing caters a recording and photo shoot studio Order Service

Avataria Tours

Avataria Tours, a wing focused on bringing fully managed and well-crafted tours of students and pupils to various heritage, scientific, social and generally educational or orientating sites. The manner of the tours are that, Avataria will organise the entire trip from departure and pre-arranged breaks and stops in between the departure and destination points. Where needs be that the trip will encamp sleeping accommodations, such shall also be well arranged, ethically and morally standing.! Book a Day

Louvre Liana Estates

Property management. We manage and maintain rental properties on behalf of owners. We also buy/ sell properties as a registered estate agency with the Estate Agency affairs Board. Order Service


Web development and IT related services… including video creations and online marketing. This includes Video Recordings and all sorts of digital services. Order a Service


Our outburst in the legal world, e-legal offers legal services through which through monthly premiums, clients are afforded legal advices and representations in courts, the CCMA and a variety of legal dynamics. READ MORE


Offering services in the medical dynasty, we offer Occupational health services, Doctors-On-Call, Health and fitness events, Aerobics and marathon, Collection and delivery of Medication and general physio therapy. Order Service


Our online radio and TV broadcast. CosmoWave is made up of InTouch Radio and TV and TruecCast radio and True cast TV. InTouch is generally commercial broadcast and Truecast is gospel focused broadcast.

BluhComms Mobile

BluhComms Mobile is a new Smart Phone in the mobile phone market as one of the few South African owned smart devices. Buy now.


May Day! In the event you out of petrol or any fuel for your vehicle, call on us anytime of the day or night and we will be there for you. Not only will we bring you fuel but we will also alert security agencies in the event you are in an unsafe area. Our kilometer fee will be based on the most closest fuel station to you. So you are covered! Order Servic.


Not only do we hire our staff directly but also, we assist other employers and companies with staff compliments across various ranges. We conduct robust selection and interview processes to get the best candidates for every job or portfolio available. So your company and entity can trust us in getting you only the best as both a recruitment and employment agency. Order Service/ Book a Appointment.

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