What we offer


You no longer have to worry about the heavy load of carrying grocery from the store when you have better things to do, we will buy and deliver for you or to anyone you wanted to buy grocery for at your comfort so you do what matters to you


This a taxi cab business whereby you can determine the fare of the taxi at will based on the types of taxi you want, whether you want a sedan, suv, limousine, luxury car or standard ride, so come get a ride with eCab


We know life has its uncertainties and the unpredictables of life sometimes catch us off=guard and unprepared to face them. That is why we have an insurance package to suit you needs


You have a special event that you are planning and need only the best catering services to do and cook for your event, don't worry we have a plethora of catering companies you can choose from


We sell quality high-class electronic appliances to fit you budget yet give you good quality of life, with a warranty to put a smile on your face in case one of the appliances you bought from us breaks. We also will deliver these products to your home or office at your own convenience.


No more need to go to and fro to buy drinks when you wanted to a have sip with friends and family or at an event, give us your order or list we will do the buying and deliver to you or place in South Africa so you can just indulge in pleasure


eNvest is a more flexible service to any other financial service provider giving you more benefits. Read more about how we can make your investment can bring you more interest and fit your life's plans


Are you moving house, moving office equipment from one place to another, want to get rid of old furniture or even remove rubble after building/renovating your house? We are one click away

Diphiri/ Funeral/ After Events/ Party Workforce

Death is always a painful and unfortunate even heartbreaking moment in anyones life, the last thing you want is the hassle of how to prepare for the burial of your loved ones. We are here to help


You have been dating for a while now and things are beginning to really become serious between you and your lover. Thinking of taking your relationship to the next level of getting engaged to your lover? We can help arrange a surprise engagement for you

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